Interview of a young and dynamic leader: CEO of Teckbuz and shivaan technologies opc Pvt ltd

Kalyani chandra Sekhar
What is Teckbuz?

Teckbuz is a software solution for a lot of problems which we are facing in a day to day life. We started this with a vision to bring technology accessable to everyone, we want to reduce the mistakes of man power 

Kalyani Chandrasekhar CEO

On which domains you are working now
We are completely into artificial intelligence

Admin team

What are your products?
2 years before we have launched a sports venue app an e commerce platform for sports players especially for tennis lovers and currently we are working on few more projects 
A new Indian made ai based anti virus and we are developing a new operating systems for both mobile and pc 

Already, having a lot of operating systems available in tha market what’s the spl in your os?
Artificial intelligence! We are using AI technology to make the work very much easier and automatic
Strength of company?Of course my core admin  team who are working with me from day1 Amrutha chowdhary the company chief technology officer her impeccable knowledge in technology, company coo Mr Karthik he’s handling the operations perfectly My CMO chavali sastry his experience and his vision helping us a lot Finally my heart the people after my mother and father my HARSHA and CHAITANYA handling the business very good Siva Gopi the project manager working on this os project vinod technical head 
Recently Palak geete a mp girl herself and her team really working hard Teckbuz success is not because of me each and everyone of the organisation working 24/7 

Karthik COO

When can we expect this AI based Indian operating system
We are working to bring it into the market by mid of 2021

Any advice to upcoming startups?
Focus on your goal work for it don’t trust anyone 

Finally what’s your opinion on government athma nirbhar bharath ?
Amazing move from Modi government it’s a boost up for Indian economy

Klayani Chandrasekhar CEO

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